Michael Richter
International marketing and sales consultant
Hauptstrasse 27
DE-88422 Seekirch
International marketing and sales consultant

Tel: +49(0)7582-933371
E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

Web Marketing - Internet marketing strategy / Internet success = Search engine results >

... with 'direct links' (not through any directory or catalogue !) to my different pages, based on my website structure in order to reach/satisfy the needs of my clients and the questions asked by them. Of course fluctuations are possible (I am not alone in the web). It only proves the way and ... it is basically a German site !

Most frequent searched key words/phrases and results in G:GOOGLE, B:Bing and Y:YAHOO (only 1-30, as of 11/08/12 - after PANDA). THIS would certainly also be possible FOR YOU - however, this needs time and concentration !!

Keyword / search phrase




client segmentation


  G: 7/6.660.000
B: 1/7.400.000

Y: 2/3.370.000
competition comparison



G: 5/311.000 .000
B: ./.

Y: 1/72.900.000

consultancy on international marketing


G: 10/15.900.000
B: 1+3/151.000.000
Y: 1+3/149.000.000
european sales consultant


G: 3/4.130.000
B: 1/146.000.000

Y: 1/144.000.000

international consultancy and marketing


G: 18/41.400.000
B: 3+6/162.000.000

Y: 1+4/133.000.000
international marketing


  G: 10/295.000.000
B: 2/484.000.000

Y: 3/387.000.000
international marketing and sales


G: 3+18/481.000.000
B: 6+10/228.000.000

Y: 4+10/278.000.000
international marketing support


G: 16/433.000.000
B: 1/254.000.000

Y: 1/255.000.000


PS: How can I assist you in reaching YOUR goals worldwide !? - please ask ... >> mail - Phone: +49- 7582 - 933371- * Send page to a friend


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