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Everything is ... *marketing ... is everything - (*strategic)

Everything is marketing ...,                                      (>> German/Deutsch)

because whatever we do as individuals especially also when acting for a company -, it will characterize us in the public/with our clients.

Whether it is

  • the receptionist on the phone,
  • the production manager,
  • the driver of a company car,
  • a field representative, or
  • the owner/CEO himself ...

... all that 'impresses' the public - even a very good advertising campaign can not be really successful against this ! (whereas 'advertising' is often misunderstood/misinter- preted as being 'marketing').


  1. The receptionist - or whoever talks on the phone - is polite or unpolite - the client/ caller will be impressed
  2. The manager of the production department is arrogant, or not - the supplier possibly talks about it during his cracker barrel or may be even being with a competitor
  3. The driver of a labelled company car takes the priority from someone - possibly it was the best client !?
  4. A slovenly dressed and arrogant field representative - who doesn't identify with the problems of the client (or even makes unbearable promises) - wants to be successful with a client - I can't believe this, even if the client urgently needs a product comparable to ours
  5. Happened today: An arrogant editor in chief doesn't answer a question correctly during a panel discussion but insists on his 'political view' - if this influences his readers !?

and much more.

... marketing is everything

I like this example:

Imagine you could produce gold (artificial and not to be used for jewelry but a perfect replacement for industrial purposes) at the price of copper and you want to sell it - with a very good profit - at the price of silver.

You would not sell it if nobody knew it !!

Big advertising campaigns or similar action would lead in this case possibly only to some kind of unbelief or would initiate a 'run' (of unwanted and not suitable clients) respectively which we could not live with/reply orderly to.

Consequently it would be necessary to sell this gold especially to such clients who barely need it for their products.

And ... all the ways to them - ideally in whatever region of this world - are known by the marketing department (see >> 'Marketing ~#~ sales')

and much more.

Of course this is impossible without the development department (describing the possibilities to use 'the artificial gold'), and the production department (being res- ponsible for a permanently perfect quality)


of course all such things are very much depending on the company itself as we cannot generalize them, but provided everything is in order,

to get the 'right' client, in the 'suitable' market segment/s, and the 'right' requirements, which can be fulfilled by us ... you need Marketing


Everything is ... marketing ... is everything


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