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International marketing and sales consultant

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E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

Some references and testimonials - + from foreign countries

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Clients served came - besides of Germany so far from:
Brazil, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lichtenstein, The Netherlands, South- Africa, Spain, Turkey, USA, UK, ...

Former employers and products. For responsibilities > CV

1. Losenhausen, Düsseldorf - construction machinery - various countries
2. Salzgitter-Stahl GmbH, Düsseldorf - turn-key industrial plants
3. Gebr. Uhl GmbH & Co., Vogt - Aluminium profiles, windows, facades
4. Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik GmbH, Düsseldorf - turn-key buildings
5. RAFI Gmbh & Co., Ravensburg - switches for a variety of industries
6. DORMA-Glas GmbH, Bad Salzuflen - Hardware and glass-elements
7. HAPRI-Werk, Hamburg - roof coverings

Extract from the reference list (and translated excerpts of testimonials)

WEH GmbH, Illertissen>

- technical products - for gas and liquids handling
- Development of sales strategies for the different product-lines, market research,
  budgets and targets for the distributors, assistance in transforming the results
- visits of various European distributors together with the management in order to discuss   target figures, marketing, sales, etc.
several 100 % rise in turnover during 10 years' period

(: "... mention important fields of your activities: 1. Analysis of the worldwide (especially Europe) available client-potentials - 2. Discussions/ negotiations with all representatives in Germany and abroad - 3. Budgeting and targetting. We confirm that your cost have been returned within abt. 1 year and that the future possibilities to increase turnover and profit are very good.")

Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH

- technical products - cutting machines for rubber, plastics and more
- various tasks to increase the turnover (targeting for the worldwide representatives,
planning and starting of implementation as well as further assistance to this

- elaboration of the first (no more existing) INTERNET-presence


- technical products for heat and heat treatment
- market research, elaboration of the first (no more existing) INTERNET

ratioTEC, Langenenslingen

- technical products for the building industry - testing and more
- elaboration of the INTERNET-presence and worldwide marketing

Suchy Messtechnik

- technical products - measuring industry
- elaboration of the INTERNET-presence and worldwide marketing steps

(Excerpt from the reference letter: " ... Today, in November 2001, we can say that the marketingplan elaborated by him last year was completely correct and is transferrable into practical steps."

Compared with last year we are going to have an increase in turnover of more than 40 %.)

Florian Schmölz - Innovative Baugeräte, Marktoberdorf

Addition to and re-structuring of the existing website (no more existing !), concentration on the potential clients, preparation for worldwide marketing purposes, first inclusion in Ger- man and international searching machines and directories. Followed by a consultancy regarding strategic national and international marketing - from market research to implementation (partly supported by a Bavarian subsidy-programme arranged by RKW - Rationalisierungskuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft)

CharisCo Limited, Hemel Hempstead/England

- Sub-contract: Execution of a printer fieldtest for XEROX/USA
- Selection of and care for 80 German participants
- Collection and evaluation of the results as per needs

COMAS, Cottbus

- machinery construction
- Analysis of the existing sales structures/work and the personnel capabilities, development of the new sales strategy and internal training

("... have quite fast aquainted yourself with the special situation of our company. I confirm that you ...
- have given a very good information regarding the competition, the conditions
in the marketplace > > products, prices, quality,
- have given a proper and understandable elaboration of the different alterna-
tives of action to be undertaken.

You have the necessary qualification as a consultant for solving the present problems and ... the independence - as confirmed in the contract - is absolutely given.")

ECI (Sinotrust), Mühlhausen/Thuringia - 1996:

Within the frame of an Interim Management contract for several months Co-design, or- ganisation, supervision and escorting of participants of the Congress "Environmental industry in Germany - the future of the environmental industry in China - environmental products in and from Bavaria"

Co-organizer ZVSMM Schwabach.

Visitors from China = Directors of various environment protection associations from the provinces of SHANXI, SHANGHAI, CHANGCHUN, WUXI, GUANGDONG, JIANGSU and others as well aa governmental organizations/ministries of environment.

Participants from Germany = Bayerische Vereinsbank, München; DEG, Köln; Dywidag Umweltschutztechnik, München; Hans Brochier GmbH & CO., Aschaffenburg; Hans Huber, Berching; KfW, Frankfurt; Lurgi Barmag GmbH, Butzbach; Mannesmann Seiffert GmbH, Berlin; REMO HSE, Rattiszell; Wassermann, Techno, Duisburg

Escorting and direction of the visitors during presentations/discussions with German ministries and banks as well as companies in Berlin und München.

Later information from 2001, as ECI-Chinatrack-Sinotrust today only operates from its Beijing offices

Federaçao das Indústrias do Estado de Santa Catarina/Brazil

- Elaboration of lectures regarding 'wood sales' and 'furniture marketing' in the Euro-
pean Union,
based on international statistics and detailed research of the European mar-
kets (for potential clients/distributors,industrial associations and the like) , holding these lectures at various places in Brazil as well as discussing the best final execution with the participants/associations

Zahnradwerk, Pritzwalk

- gear wheels and other products
- marketing training for the own sales staff and information. Main aspect: 'Strategic

Centre for the promotion of imports, Rotterdam/Netherlands

- various products from the 3rd world
- Preparation of an exhibition for foreign companies, permanent assistance and support
during the exhibition

Parsytec, Chemnitz (RKW, Sachsen)

- parallel computers
- Development of the sales strategy for East European countries and country-specific

PACTEC, Dresden

- packaging machinery
- Research regarding the worldwide connections of some international groups in order to
treat them via 'horizontal' marketing

("... 1. We received a very good overview regarding the international markets. This contained the market shares of the most important competitors so that we could guess the need of our products more closely. 2. The reserach brought to light all international interrelations of bigger groups so that we had a very good survey of further potential customers. - This led to contacting such companies by far easier than before.")

EXIMBANK, Istanbul/Turkey

(within a worldbank-subsidy-programme for increasing the Turkish exports)

- pumps, packaging and wood working machines
- Complete market research, training and preparation of 5 Turkish enterprises in order
to conquer the West-European markets

Result: abt. 20-30 % rise in turnover - each after abt. 2-3 years as has been confirmed to me during a meeting which we had by chance later during an exhibition in Germany.

Companies consulted to enter the European Union:

Uzay Makina

Other companies:

Haag, Weingarten:

1. Evaluation of a company to be bought
2. various chance/risk-analyses
3. Development of a strategic marketing/sales plan
4. Negotiations with the parties concerned
5. Information regarding possible subsidiaries

(I confirm that your work was perfectly destined to inform me regarding all chances and risks and to give me ... also a neutral overview of the sales possibilities in an international context)

Additional tasks:

1. Entrepreneur Magazin, USA, Co-author:
2. Internet Business (1999 - 2004)
- Loose leaf collection, published in 'Interest Verlag', various sections:
- 'International Marketing'
- 'The control loop "International Marketing"'
- 'Sales of investment goods via the Internet'
- 'Efficient Marketing'
- 'Pricing in the Internet business'
3. Various special articles in different publications

Lectures and trainings - as a guest lecturer/professor - regarding various matters out of:

- Markets, clients, mentalities and more' at different 'Universities of cooperative education' in Baden-Württemberg: (> care and control of various diplomas)

1. Korea Joint-Venture Planning
2. China Marketing concept
3. China sales potential planning

AND ...

Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Steinbeis-centres, Fraunhofer Gesell- schaft, CDG, University St. Gallen - Institute for Marketing and Trade, etc.

Some foreigners:
1. Thank you so much for the terrific answers to our interview questions! They will be very helpful in writing our book. We will probably contact you again in the next month or so with a couple more questions, if we may

Later: Hi Michael, I was very impressed with your business as described in "Start Your Own Import/Export Business" by Rob and Terry Adams.

2. Thanks for your recent message. I've visted your extensive website and am impressed with your background, thoughts and client list.

3. But then I see and always look upon Michael Richter as an example marketer from Germany, even within Europe. He is smart, well awake and an ultimate adaptable. (from a discussion group mailing)

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