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Who needs Marketing – and why ?

... and whats more !?

Of course we need clients, we live from them and ‘marketing’ has to take care of that.

But – is that everything !?

This question may be answered going through this short article.

Professor Kotler, THE marketing-guru of the world once said: ”Marketing takes a day to learn, but unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master”

Where does it begin, where is the end and what belongs to it ?

To start with:

Today we are – more than ever before and still increasing - on a ‚buyers’ market’ compared to the ‚sellers’ market’ of the past.

Many years ago the client had – very often ‘was allowed’ – to buy what was available to cover his needs.

It started with food and went through clothing to machines. And the products mainly came from the region the buyer lived in – not taking into consideration that some industries – like plant construction and automobiles – were busy in foreign countries already pretty early.

Basically one only could buy what was avialable in the markets of the region.

Today – on the worldwide buyers’ market – the client says what he needs to fulfill his needs/targets to an optimum. And every company wishing to sell has to

- know the needs of his clients as well as THEIR ways to buy the respective products
- compete with foreign – espercially in the todays ‘INTERNET-environment’ – competitors who are striving to be represented on our home markets
- be ‘close to’ the client, whereas – depending on the product to be sold – it is of no importance whether ‘close’ means the INTERNET or the shop around the corner
- or, or, or – depending on the products/market-segments

Is that all - with marketing ?

No, missed by far

Marketing is a companys’ philosophy, taking care that ‘the whole company’ is adjusted to the market/s.

And a company does not only consist of sellers, but also needs procurement, dsevelopment, production and financial departments – all other/additional services needed are summed-up hereunder.

That means:

Already the telephonist/the dialog parrtner within the company taking a call decides about ‘the picture’ of the company – it is not important whether this is a future client or not.

Is she/he friendly the caller – whatever mood he had before – will be better disposed automatically (the reason for his call could have been a claim !?) or he talks to others mentioning that he was treated kindly (and who knows whether he talks possibly to a potential client !?)

In general the word ‚marketing’ says it all:

‘Market’ = clients, mentalities, potential – all over the world

And … as surely also with you personally, the client looks for the best product at the best possible price – it is not really important where it comes from.

However, not all of the needs can be covered by the marketing department – being respon sible for the ‘foreign relations’ of the company - alone.

Therefore …

- … the development department has to focus on the client/market-segments which are defined by the marketing department as ‚interesting’ and about the needs/requests of which the marketing department has informed them before
- … the production department has e. g. to adjust and concentrate on producing the products which can be sold by the marketing department/the representatives – on whichever way
- … the financial department has finally to make available the funds as needed. Be it for new production machinery in order to produce such products, to inter-finance different payment cconditions as asked for from other parts of the world or in order to make available the neceassary funds for marketing activities, like exhibitions, leaflets, trips into foreing countriews and more.

And all of that has to be done in the most economic way in order to supply ‚the best/optimum’ product for a given client group/market-segment.

This can be sold then by the marketing department (here >> sales staff), become successful and care for the funds in-return (contribution margin/profit) which again are needed by the financial department in order to have the products produced by the production .. and the ‘loop’ is closed.

Beginning and end again is the marketing department, as …

- … the development department is depending on informationn/tendencies from the market/s in order to develop products solving specific ‚market-/client-problems’
- … the production department is depending on information regarding quality and quantity of the products to be produced for the sales as planned thoroughly by the marketing department … and …
- the financial department can only elaborate a well-thought financial plan if generally it can trust in the figures planned by the marketing department with regard to money flow/turnover/profit. Otherwise they will neither be in a position to pay for the machinery needfed by the production department, nor if and how salaries can be paid.

All of that is depending on the marketing department … therefore >> company philosophy’ >> maximum tune to the market/our clients, who give us the money needed !

In a short article, however, it is impossible to cover all and every aspect of the ‚HOW, WHEN and WHERE and more’ - this is to a great degree depending on the product the individual company produces, as well as on the company and it employees itself.

But I hope it became a bit clearer that ‚marketing’ does not only mean PR and its means but finally it includes the whole company and its behaviour towards the world(s-markets).

Of course

… any of the departments mentioned above has ist own responsibility with regard to how, when and where to produce most economically the proudcts/services … however, the market/s have to stay in the focus as the company will not survive without having a market.

And surely a company today can only survive – taking into consideration that the worldwide competition is at our door-step – if the marketing department accepts this enormous responsibility.

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written by Michael Richter on 14.03.2010 at 09:35.


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