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Test your marketing

The following 'basic' questions should be answered in abt. 2 - 3 hours - which would show that the entrepreneur is aware of the most important facts of HIS market/s

The values should be available completely - following the 'Pareto's principle' = 80 % of the turnover comes from 20 % of the customers.

  • Company in General
  • - Which targets – referring to the turnover and the profit resp. the personnel needed and the production means – do you intend to reach with your company within 3 years from today ?
  • - Broken-down into sales region/country as well as product group and sales channel – and in which steps – e. g. massive marketing investment and then switching to a permanent business or step-by-step-increase ?

  • Present resp. Last years’ turnover structure
  • - Which turnover is generated by each sales region/country/sales route – with reference to the individual products ?
  • - Which contribution margin/profit is generated for each sales region/ country/sales route referring to each product ?
  • - Which sales channels should be envisaged/are necessary to reach the targets as per 1. above ?
  • Client structure
  • - Which client groups/market segments do you supply today ?
  • - Do you have an analysis of the existing/potential clients per field of activity/product ?
  • - Which client groups/marketsegments (for each sales region/country) are missing then (e. g. compared to your presently ‚strongest/most successful’ market ?
  • - Are you aware of the total number of potential clients for each sales region/country/market segment ?
  • - Is/Would ‘key-accounting’ be important for you and which information is available about such potential clients ?
  • - Which is your market portion/coverage (as percentage of all clients available in the respective sales region/country/market segment ?
  • Competition
  • - Who is your competition – listed from ‚most important’ to ‚nearly negligible’ ?
  • - Where are they better/worse compared to you (with reference to products and sales routes) – and why ?
  • - Would it be advisable to adapt possibly any of the procedures of the competition for you without becoming untrustworthy to your clients ?
  • Products
  • - Which are the most successful products – as well in your own portfolio as compared to the competition - and why ?
  • - Which new products are requested by the clients already today, respectively which tendencies are shown in the market with regard to HIS new developments, i. e. is known which market segment is going to develop how and do you think you will remain the suppliers to this market (even if the final products are changed) ?
  • - Is there any kind of replacement/substitution of your products already available and – if so – would it be advisable to produce these yourself or cooperate with others ?
  • - With whom and would possibily some kind of exclusivity be available – especially e. g. for foreign markets … or any other … ?
  • - Which new products do you intend to produce and why ?
  • - Which products are so small in turnover/quantity that they could possibly be eliminated from your range – or are there any good reasons to go on to produce them ?
  • Pricing/profit
  • - Which contribution margins/product per client group/market segment are reached by you and could they/how possibly be increased ?
  • - Which contribution margin/profit generates each of the products checked on which sales route - Internet, direct sales, project orders, via representatives, … ?
  • - Could possibly the ‚most successful’ sales route/product be adapted for other sales regions or how could this be solved ‘at the lowest possible cost’ ?
  • Sales department
  • - Do you know which cost per sales region/representative are spent in total and have you elaborated a comparison regarding the profitabiltiy of the sales regions/sales routes with reference to the total profit, the products sold there and the total cost spent ?
  • - Which new sales regions/countries - with reference to the client groups/markets segments should be developed in addition umtil when – based on which sales projections ?
  • - How have the necessary sales regions to be structured – and why this way ?
  • - Sales through own personnel, subsidiaries, representatives, synergy-partners/alliances, Internet ?
  • - Which additional contribution margin/profit can be expected by them and which investment would be necessary to develop such new sales regions/market segments ?
  • - Which sales areas have to be re-structured due to the potential available in order to reach a better/optimum coverage of the market ?
  • - Are all representatives well informed regarding their present clientele, i. e. not only to know the decisive people of the client but also their future plans - with regard to products, sales regions, etc. ?
  • - How is their success in winning new clients and who is responsible for the respective data ?

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