Michael Richter
International marketing and sales consultant
Hauptstrasse 27
DE-88422 Seekirch
International marketing and sales consultant

Tel: +49(0)7582-933371
E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

Free of charge: (First short) Marketing analysis

You should not buy ‘a pig in a poke’

Sure, you do not receive a complete information or even ‘hand-book’ for a marketing procedure, but

a) If you tell me

aa) who is your major clientele
(best with a link to the website of a typical/best liked client)
ab) what makes you different from your competition (only short !)
ac) who (please also with a link to the respective site) is your competition
ad) which financial value an average order for you has and
ae) which marketing procedures (short form only !) you follow right now and where
(= regional strength),

you receive a f-o-c-analysis
(Focus, however: Investment goods and long-lasting consumer goods !!)

b) telling you

ba) how many potential customers you have in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
(for time reasons based on a comprehensive and current CD-ROM- data-base - other countries depend on the time needed, however, you may give me your needs !)
bb) which turnover could possibly be the result for you within the next abt. 3 years and
bc) what would be the cost-frame to reach that.

For your security:
As a marketing and mangement consultant wishing to be active for quite some time it is self-understood that whatever information I receive from you will be treated absolutely confidential – otherwise I should not do this job !

How can I assist you in reaching YOUR goals -- in Europe or anywhere else ? - please >> mail - or call +49(0)7582-933371 - * Send page to a friend


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