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Searching for GOD - is it worthwhile ? (testimonial made 2003, but much more happend since then !!)

A justified question, isn’t it ? – nowadays, when nobody does anything ‚gratuitous- ly‘ (or altruisticly = without expecting any reward) but always expects a pay.

But HE says: "If you search for me with all your heart, you will find me": - totally WITHOUT ANY pay !! (Deuteronomium 4,29) <

I don’t want to ‚proove‘ here the truthfulness of the bible. This has already been done by quite a lot of others, e. g. Drosnin: The Bible Code or Josh MCDowell: Evidence that de- mands a Verdict... and many others.

Whoever is interested may read there what I take as given

  • Jesus lives
  • the devil exists and
  • who doesn’t turn to Jesus in time (in fact: better today and ‚now‘ !! as nobody knows the hour of his return !) will belong to those who are lost when he comes back and they can’t enjoy any more his grace – there is nothing ‚good enough‘ to be sufficient to reach heaven but only believing in the Son: "Who has the Son of God has the life; who doesn’t have the Son of God he has no life"<1. John, 5, 12>.

The intention of this testimonial is to proove with regard to my own life that the bible is right, Jesus loves YOU and HE died at the cross for all of us.

Unlike before (= old testament with the need to sacrifice) we live today in the times of grace and the new testament and God gave his Son to die for our sin and weaknesses.

And that’s the miracle:

Only if we accept this – irrefutable - truth we get HIS love ‚for free‘ and ... HE takes care of our lives, our well-being and our future. HE has – as unbelievable as it may sound - an individual and good plan for more than 6 billion people on our planet.

... but enough of the introduction I wanted to tell what HE did in my life:


- Parents and Youth

As the only son, with 3 sisters, I grew up in a protestant home and my father had his own company.

We prayed relatively regularly before the meals and at Christmas time we went – at the special request of our father and with very few exceptions – into church. Lateron I had my conrimation and sung even a few years in the churches choir. And that was it – my relation to the church.

It was many years later that I learned that my mother regularly prayed for us. The mills of the LORD mill slowly – as HE gave all of us our own brains to decide for himself to turn to HIM – but they mill for sure.

I was grown up in a quite large German town which is told to have the ‚longest bar of Europe‘ which played a bigger role later in my life.

I visited the elementary school for only 3,5 years – due to the fact that I started still being 5 years old, visited another German country for a few months and meanwhile the school- years had been changed - and thereafter the high-school. However, after visting the 4th class twice I decided to leave the school and work.

All of the teachers were of the opinion that this was only due to my laziness and not lack of intelligence but my parents also didn’t tyrannize me and I didn’t want anymore and left the school.

However, what to do thereafter – how should I know with just 14 years of age ?? No idea.

Seeing the labour exchange and doing a few tests directed me to visit a business school which I finished pretty good.

It must have been during this period that I developped a special interest in ‚international relations‘ which was decisive for my further life.

An apprenticeship followed during which the international business of this company became my focus and I finished it again very good – this was now ‚my call‘.

My leisure time was spent – as I didn’t belong to the ‚ugly‘ guys – between bars, friends and – from the age of 15 – a lot of females.

Fully grown !?

Obviously I looked for something, however, didn’t know for what - today I know that's how HE starts 'planting' !

Following the military services – the result of which for me was the driving license as well as the reputation to be a hard-drinker (in order to withstand the frustration) this ‚search‘ ended in an early marriage. I was 21 years old and my wife still needed the agreement of her parents.

We started our ‚mutual life‘ in a 2 ½-rooms flat under the roof of my parents in-law. My father in-law was, however, pretty wealthy with an apartment house and he gave us a few months later a small apartment of abt. 60 sqm.

On the one hand it paid now that my mother grew us up with the target to take over full responsibility for our own lifes and to accept the obligations undertaken, on the other hand my egotism started to grow.


The ‚ruler of the world‘, known as devil or satan held me ‚tight at the fishing rod‘ – which I liked (I didn’t know the truth !) as all worldly things worked perfectly.

During the following years I was working for several companies. My career was pretty stable – either with regard to the size of the marketing departments or the value of pro- ducts/responsibility for worlds‘ regions or even with regard to regional moves which took me and my family finally into the Southern part of Germany.

During the first 4-5 years of my business career I visited evening classes at 3 – 4 evenings per week in order to learn languages as well as economics – the ‚knot‘ burst, I had realised that knowledge is important and I wanted to show my parents in-law my perfectness and – finally – it was directed to the pleasure and satisfaction of my mother.

It was surely the ‚harder way‘ but that was me – I never followed the easy tracks. The dis- advantage showing up especially in South Germany was that my wife was alone most of the time and I finally didn’t care enough for her and the – meanwhile 2 – children.

The move to the South of Germany had two reasons: In the first instance I wanted to do good to my wife as she knew a lot of people there due to many holidays she made in the region before with her parents and secondly the job was challenging. I could use the know- ledge acquired before as representative of the export manager and at the same time I was solely responsible for - and could travel - the rest of the world outside of Europe, which was anyway of more interest to me.

Yes, the first reason was a kind of an excuse, as we had in addition to the two kids already two cars – not normal in th 70's – and I wanted to concentrate on the trips and be success- ful.

I presumed that my wife and the kids were cared for by her friends there, however, I forgot that she was still too young and not of the same independence as me. Soon she became lonely and dependant on stress-solving media.

This again led to the fact that I were no more often at home than absolutely necessary – also when not travelling – and I cared for the affection, which I thought to had a right for, outside the home.

That had as a result, especially as my daughter started school, that my wife returned to our home-town before me and I followed a few months later. We lived together for some time and then separated.

Some years later we were divorced.

Back in the big city already mentioned before I got into contact with old friends and soon after that I shared an apartment with a lady which I knew from my youth.

I thought that I had found the ‚real love‘ – without knowing at that time that this wasn't that easy. Until my 2nd marriage this lady was the only one with which I were together for a longer time – otherwise I just fluttered from blossom to blossom, without real seriousness and scruples.

Unfortunately it was this personal connection where I were defeated because this lady knew her way and I – grown to bear the consequences of my doing – only saw the possibility to leave our apartement under cover of the night – instead of becoming emancipated and don’t flee from problems and disputes.

Today this lady is – praise the LORD - my best friend and stands very near to my heart.

During that time my professional career was steep upwards and with the age of 33 I was one of – or even ‚the‘ – youngest managing clerk of a world-covering German group of companies with my own company car, an increase in turnover of my department of several hundred percent during a few years and a responsibility for single projects of up to abt. US$ 250 million on a worldwide basis.

Businesswise everything was just perfect and a few of my girl friends profited from it, however, personal life was nearly a disaster.

I compensated personal frustration with work, money, girl friends and alcohol. Not yet an alcoholic I climbed hand over hand along, something which is – as we know today - a phe- nomenon with many leading managers.

Then I thought it was time due to very good business results) to become a director in the company myself instead of belonging to another directorate and to become independant.

The discussion with the responsible member of the executive board, however, led – after they had thought internally for some weeks – to a ‚No‘.

Meanwhile I was, however, so convinced of my professional abilities that I quit verbally the job – without any kind of economic/social netting or double flooring – and started my first independence as a marketing consultant in the beginning of 1984 in Southern Germany.

Consulting was, somehow, still in its infancy at that time (for small and medium businesses – my clientele already then !) and as a ‚one-man-show‘ it was even more difficult to fight against larger ones as today. However, before starting I had covered every and all risks with a ‚full insurance‘, not knowing how else to care for my late age and possible accidents.

In order to survive and pay the maintenance for my two kids I started a job for two weeks a month in the business of a friend in a company abt. 350 kms away. I earned enough then – plus having some money from the past out of an affair which was not really earned on the level - in order to reconstruct together with some friends a quite big flat in a very old town-- house that we bought and reconstructed with the help of government funds for preservation of the old.

A serious car accident on 27. 10. 1984 with a Porsche which I ‚had‘ to buy (acc. to my self- understanding) was followed by 1 ½ years of illness, several weeks stay in a rehabilitation clinic and unemployment. At that time the insurances (GODs work, as the spririt gave me - which I coudn't see, however, at that time - the idea to have a good insurance coverage !) cared for my surviving and my ‚self-understanding‘ was heavily shaken the first time in my life.

Although a good friend told me: "This was a ‚red card‘ for you" (praise the LORD, it was only 'yellow') - and although I recalled that at the age of 4 I was on a tour through the big town with my scooter, which was totally crashed by a truck whilst nothing happened to me – I didn’t think of God for another few years.

Contrary to that, the flat was finalized and was a masterpiece in this South German city with a pretty good value, I recovered from the illness during one year of hard training in my office (at least I could also start to give lectures as a 'guest-professor' for 'international marketing' at the universities of cooperative education) and a personnel consultant came to me who looked for an export manager for a bigger company in that town.

I got the job, a company car, was again very successful and up to 70 % of my yearly wor- king time I travelled all continents. At the same time I successfully motivated a team of ten colleagues and increased the turnover of my predecessor by two-digit-figures - something for which my predecessor and boss needed mmore than 10 years.

If this doesn’t increase your (wordly) self-confidence – what else ?

The job was fun but the company was taken over by a big industrial group and the re-orga- nisation initiated by a consulting company left no responsibility for me as a single export manager as they reformed everything into 4 separate product groups.

Now – so to speak – things overtook themselves and in addition I had to go to hospital for a minor operation.

Before doing that I asked the head physician whether a two-weeks vacation was possible – to which he agreed, provided I didn’t do any sports. Ok, so I left for this holiday in the Club Mediterranée, Tuskany. That was just a few hours drive away from South Germany and I only needed to eat and drink - and to recover. But again – my calculation was done without GOD.

Private life

In the holiday club I was standing in the queue to change real money into the ‚club currency‘ = coloured pearls, and saw a young lady coming towards us. Later she told me the words "I know, I have met you already" are no more modern to contact a lady – but from this day on we are together and she is my wife now for more than 15 years.

I anticipate: "The best of all women which I really love and a perfect mother for our female twins.

I go back: This lady was 10 years before my secretary in the big German group mentioned before and I was her first ‚boss‘ after her language studies. She flirted with me already at that time but I was engaged and didn’t think of anything with a more than 10 years younger lady, just being 20 years of age at that time.

Oddly enough she thought of me before she started her holiday trip with a girl friend where they had an overnight stay in South Germany: Perhaps I meet him, because he is living in South Germany.

She forgot, however, the shere size of this part of Germany and she didn’t even now where I lived ... but now we stood ‚eye in eye‘.

We understood each other pretty soon very well and spent together most of the holidays.

In that year I became 40 years old and she was with me – the distance of abt. 500 kms between our living places were travelled alternatingly.

During the following small operation my boss came to me and we discussed the difficulties between my present job description and the new organisation and we found a ‚socially acceptable‘ solution for me, however, leaving them.

I spent the time of reconvalescence in her flat and we grew together more and more.

Logically she quit her job and joined me in the South of Germany in my bigger flat.

As I needed a new job I searched for it and found it in Northrhine Westfalia – abt. 650 kms away – the devil cares for those from which he expects more !!

Now I was responsible for the whole marketing anywhere in the world – Germany plus the rest of it.

In fact my salary – just 6 years after having been the department manager in the big Ger- man group – was now doubled and my wife (we had married meanwhile) was again my secretary because this company was happy to find two really experienced people.

We lived in a big fantastic brand new flat belonging to one of the owners of the company, however, we made no friends when we decided soon to buy an old house, to renovate it and move there.

The flat in Southern Germany was leased out and so I was – calculating all together – on the best way to become a real 'wealthy man'.

Again I was – how else ? – really successful in my job and everything was in order.

I didn’t have the human component as well under control and had quite some disputes with my boss – although I was perfectly right in my arguments, he was the boss and so my ‚guest performance‘ ended pretty soon, however, again I was too convinced of my abilities and didn’t bow.

‘Available‘ again I contacted several big personnel consultants and had – surpri- singly fast ! – another job, this time additional 250 kms away towards the North of Germany.

The devil cares for those he wants to have !! - but never forget, he can't do anything to the children of GOD that is not allowed to him (>> Job)  

By that time I had experience already and signed this new contract for a fixed period of 3 years and I got the verbal promises in writing that I was really responsible for everything relating to the worldwide marketing and sales .

That this procedure was very meaningful came to my knowledge already a few months later because the owner (with an age of 70 years) didn’t really want to delegate the promised responsibility – even if without question it would have been to his benefit.

All other colleagues were of my opinion, however, he was the owner and after a stir of which he thought he had succeeded I offered the resolution of our contract.

We separated with a severance pay – and I had finally enough from ‚bosses‘ in general. As I had a quite comprehensive experience (for my age of 41) - different sizes of companies, almost any ‚size‘ of product/project, economic studies and practical handling of worldwide affairs in all continents – I started my own marketing consultancy.

Finally working on my own

This independence fell together with the German re-unification and soon I had a first order from the former Eastern part of Germany.

Following this I elaborated a small personal inventory and we decided to move again to the South of Germany. First it is a nicer place to live in than the North and second the compa- nies there possess of a lot of perfect products which were not known internationally as they lacked most of the knowledge/experience which I had, what I knew from my time working there.

Making contacts was not easy and advertising expensive, however, we could sell the house as well as my flat in South Germany quite lucratively and we built a small house in South Germany. That means we bought a carcass and had it finished within 3 months and we moved.

Both of us were believers in horoscopes and the one of my wife stated that ‚she would get into contact with religious things‘ in the year thereafter – but we only could laugh about that.

We realized later that an evangelist and his family lived on the same small street as we and they had a son who was just 1 week older than our daughters – and so the mothers came into contact.

I was pretty stressed at that time and used some wine in the evening to calm down. This was, however, in the eyes of my wife too much – she had a bad personal family-experience and didn't want this to happen again - and she didn’t even touch it. Of course we had some disputes about it but again I was too convinced of my full control that I would have divorced again instead of drinking less.

One thing astonished me: Whenever my wife returned from a so-called ‚women- breakfast‘ arranged by the evangelists‘ wife she was relatively cool and har- monious and didn’t dispute a lot with me.

I looked at it for a few months and then asked her what I could do to have the same as it was really surprising - see above: GODs mills are slow but steady.

She asked the wife of the evangelist and informed me about a monthly meeting of IVCG (International association of Christian business men) which was held in a not too distant town. I visited them regularly then for about a year and during one of the first mee- tings Professor Gitt talked about ‚Questions which are asked again and again‘.

And really ‚Questions which asked myself ‘ were answered very logically and I had read his booklet about that which I bought at the beginning at the 'book table' nearly to a half by the time he finished his presentation.

I – until that time more an advocate of the evolutionary theory – started to understand that we are a creation.

However, I didn’t want to go back to a protestant church which I had left after having been first divorced as I didn’t believe in their ‚circus‘ and their further disadvantages like fixed payments, etc.

I had a drastic happening some time later, when driving with my car to a nearby airport as I had a contract in Turkey sponsored by the Worldbank and wanted to fly to Istanbul. It was pretty early in the morning, a Saturday, the sun was shining and I was practically alone on the highway. Suddenly I drove over a little hill and within parts of a second I was weeping and the holy spirit (I only later understood that it was HIM) was present with the love of Jesus.

Immediately I took the handy, called my wife and said: "Please tell the evangelists‘ wife I also do believe now".

I didn’t know, however, that I had surely been touched in this very moment but that it would take many years for me to convert from a ‚worldly man‘ who’s foot- stool was ‚cloud 7‘ into a guy acceptable to Jesus .

The return

In February 1993 during a ‚ProChrist-meeting‘ which was transmitted into a small town nearby, my wife and I converted at two evenings following each other – one always had to stay with the still small kids.

Thereafter we looked for a suitable church, decided for the one of the evangelist and since then visit it regularly on Sundays. It is a Pentecostal church.

Principally it belongs to the free protestant churches and follows their belief, however, the difference is that we are baptized only after we can decide that we want to spend our lives for and with Jesus Christ. Baptizing babys is not known there.

During that year I received a contract and this was the first time that I saw ‚the LORDs signature‘. Yet, I didn’t realize it at that time.

On September 5th, 1993 we were baptized together and my baptismal verse is Jeremia 33,3: "Call on me and I will answer and tell you unbelievable and big things which you don’t know". This verse prooved to be right over the time.

Now being converted and visiting regularly the church it was ‚my old life PLUS Jesus‘ instead of ONLY Jesus and then the result of Luke 6,38 (They will have a full measure ...).

To turn totally had to be tough (after 45 years with the prince of the world) and Jesus saw the necessity to start an ‚eductionary program‘ in order for me to take the baptismal verse seriously.

Until I realized that quite a lot of things happened, like ...:

  • We left the house after 4 years as I thought it would be necessary to have a sepa- rate room for my lectures and so we bought an old cottage-style house and recon- structed it totally.
  • To sell the old house was not easy as we were in the recession and thus could only sell it one year later at the same price as we bought it although the value was surely increased by abt. 20 % - but we had to pay for the new one
  • I paid the amount not really fully correctly earned – as stated before – in total to my church and similar organisations. I could not return it as those people only would have laughed – but Jesus could use it.
  • Because of missing orders I cancelled the last life-insurance so that my family could live for a few months.

Meanwhile I was also a member of a group of Christian consultants and we had arranged a meeting in July 1995 in order to restructure the organisation and reach a better public stan- ding. Normally I wouldn’t have had money to drive there but it was promised before and so I did – see the education of my mother !

We met, dicussed the ways to go and at the end I asked the others (including a protestant female pastor and colleague): "Please pray with me, I have no contracts and don’t know what to do".

The colleague of the consultant asked me to have my dictaphone running while we prayed – I didn’t know why – and so the Holy Spirit talked to me the first time. The most important portions are:

"The LORDs spirit is upon you. He has anointed you to bring the gospel to the poor, to proclaim freedom to the prisoners, to tell the blind whose eyes are gouged out by the systems of the world that they see, to tell the shattered and the wounded and the ones crushed by this system that they are set into the freedom, that they are healed by GODs love"

... and ...

"HE will send fire into your life that burns down what is setting you apart from him and what hinders you to follow your way. Don’t defend yourself against this fire it comes from heaven. It will hurt, however, it will clean and sanctify you and it will enable you to do the work HE has planned for you. But you have to accept it of your own will. Don’t defend it but hold everything independently from what it is in full trust towards Jesus so that HE can act as HE wants".

That was comforting but nevertheless it was ‚strong tobacco‘ which I first had to accept.

HE kept HIS promises, it hurt – but only as I was ‚the unbelieving Thomas‘ – and HE had to talk various times to me again in the following months/years, either through prophets or even directly – as on 12. 4. 1998:

How ?

I stood where gentlemen sometimes stand, it was abt. 10 p. m., when suddenly a clear voice said :

As of today I am totally YOUR GOD

In the first instance I thought I could never tell this my wife, she would have loughed and thought I drank too much. But of course I did.

She left the room suddenly and came back a few moments later. She said: "When you told me that, ‚John 4,26‘ came to my mind and I first had to look what is written". Here it is: "Jesus said: I am the one talking to you".

The reader should please get this right:

That is nothing that happens to me only but HE has the same – in a way which HE selects to be suitable – for EVERY believer because we are HIS creation and HE loves us following not just as human beings do !

(Therefore my advice to all believers: If you ever face problems which you can't explain and you need a godly advice: Search for a prophet and urge GOD !! He will surely answer - if HE realizes the seriousness your request through your persistance !!)

However, there happened further things until I engaged – more and more – into HIM. Praise the Lord he gave me a strong consistency with regard to the daily works and so I sit in my place – at my desk – every morning, have my ‘quiet time‘, pray, read the bible and ...

  • ... on 30. 4. 1996 I had again no money for my family to survive May and I knew my account from far by the red figures and at that day came a cheque – which I had nearly forgotten – with exactly the sum missing for the following month and
  • ... the next contract came in May

I could report for hours about – checked and prooven – episodes of this kind

  •  with words of the LORD via prophets,
  • a new car that my wife saw in a dream – we bought it one year later with the same financial advantages she dreamt of, etc., etc.



... I am a good step further with my trust in the LORD.

However, there were from time to time rebounds – the devil doesn’t just let us slip but he opposes sometimes pretty hard – but I stick firmly to my first prophecy and the batismal verse.

I KNOW today – and don’t just ‚believe‘ , as HE has prooven it several times - that HE cares for us and that

  • nothing will happen to us which didn’t pass HIS throne and found HIS acceptance
  • HE will not let us carry more than we can (and HE helps us or even carries for us !!)
  • HE will always care for us and the abt. 7.800 promises in the bible are ‚in fact‘ ours if we accept this and stretch for HIM

Since 1997 I get contracts from people around the world – often believers and/ or disciples – via Internet, without knowing the clients personally before. I al- ways have an order or earned enough before in order to survive shorter periods with nothing to work (=education times) so that I can pray more, write articles and more. And HE even helps me to sort my mind and find fast and good solu- tions for the problems of my clients.

In other words:

YES it pays for sure to search for GOD, turn to HIM and let HIM direct your life – as HIS plan for your life is by far better than what you have planned for your- self.

So then:

Get up, become light and live in this world as carefree as it is only possible with Jesus. Otherwise there might be the danger that you don’t see heaven and that would be a pitty because ...

... we wouldn’t meet and


... as the singer Cae Gaunt says:

" ... heaven is NOT empty !"

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