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International marketing and sales consultant

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HE: Jesus Christ, God and Saviour
- me: Christian professional for YOUR assistance (> German page with more ...)

... Blessings to all visitors !! >> JESUS movie - English testimony translated to Turkish >>

Jesus Christ (enlarge)

Jesus speaks - in our prayer group

No problem is too big for God's power;
no person is too small for God's love

(author unknwon)

Providing points (enlarge)

- Searching for GOD - is it worthwhile ? - A testimonial

- Audible bible - in various languages

God's Love

1. Who and how is our GOD ? - It's how you look at things
2. Father's Love letter - read - watch
3. Interview with God
4. If you died today
5. Last words of great men

Fish -Sign of the early persecuted Christians

means: 'Jesus Christ God's Son Redeemer'

Business links

Via the following link you have access to daily news/encouragement for 'workplace believers':

Today God is first or

'My Utmost for HIS Highest' (Oswald Chambers)

Keywords: Jesus, Christ, charismatic, Pentecostal, Belief, Trust, Love, Success,

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