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For many companies 'strategic marketing' still is some kind of a miracle. Very often, however, entrepreneurs simply do not know what can be reached using this 'instrument' continuously.

A short description is contained here >> but a recent example from Germany gives a good chance to get the idea across in a better way,

Besides of that the development of a strategy (for the enterprise/marketing procedures) is part of a marketing plan which should be available for every company - whether large or small.

PUMA - and ist CEO Jochen Zeitz.

When he started in 1993 (>>) the company was a middle-sized producer of sports shoes.

At this time he developed the recipe - development phases - the result of which led to today's billion dollar company which is taken over by a French company selling luxury good - PPR.

What did he actually do ?

As explained on the webpage of the company he oriented himself strictly at the market, the clients' needs as well as finding out new trends.

This implies a thorough analysis as well of clients and client groups as market segments and markets.

This is always the first and foremost step. A German saying is 'No practice without theory'.

On the one hand this of course is easier for a company with the turnover of PUMA 1993 than for a smaller company.

On the other hand no company can exist successfully without the step of strategic vision, planning and transformation of the results. It is depending on the financial background (but also on the entrepreneurial risk undertaken) as well as the present production possibilities resp. the markets available, how detailed these steps will be.

With limited resources one can nevertheless concentrate on specific products or specific markets. But only if the resulting facts/ways are taken seriously and implemented correspondingly the calculated theoretical profits will be the result.

The next step, of course, has to follow in order to protect the company and working places for the future.

For sure Jochen Zeitz did not know at the very beginning which financial success phases I through IV would bring. Nevertheless he designed the steps following his entrepreneurial vision at and from the beginning.

As can be learnt from the company information above further steps were added to the phases - e. g. additional production in foreign countries, changing licence agreements into own daughter companies or adding additional products to the program.

Every company success is based on a thorough first planning/vision !


Michael Richter - International Marketing- and sales consultant - concentrates for more than 35 years on strategic marketing planning as well as marketing and selling of investment goods and long-lasting consumer goods in/to all 5 continents - since 1991 he works as an independent marketing consultant, especially for SMEs worldwide. In addition he holds - worldwide - internal seminars based on the needs of the specific company - especially regarding marketing in Europe.

Michael Richter
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