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Marketing and selling strategically

Strategic marketing/selling - central term = client advantage:

The 4 steps of selling strategically are:
1. Analysis of the business targets
- Definition of the business segment: ‚Which
  products for which markets' - home/
  foreign markets and which market
- Determination of the main competitor:
  Against whom do we have to fight ?
- Determination of the competition advan-
  Which cost- or performance advantages argue
  for our company ?
- Fixing of the economic targets:
  Investing or harvesting ? Which compe-
  tition position is aimed at

2. Client segmentation
- Preliminary segmentation
- Analysis of the generic client problem per
  client segment
- home-/foreign market/s
- Fixing of the designated use
- Definition of the buying process (primarily
  the buying criteria)
- Definition of the user profitabilityprice:per-
  formance ratio between us and the competition
- Determination of the client advantages
- Final client segmentation as per user profi-
- Determination of the target segments
  (segments, for which the client advantages can
  be reached, price- or value advantages for
  the client/s)
3. Communication with the client
- Positioning: Determination of the de-
  cisive client advantages with regard to
  defensibility and uniqueness
- Signalisation:
  Conception of a comprehensive opi-
  nion-forming process in order to sys-
  tematically 'making aware' regarding
  the client advantage concerning appro-
  val and credibility

4. Distribution
- Selection of suitable sales channels for
  each client segment with regard to
  cost and performance advantages
- Controlling of the sales channels over
  the life cycle of the business segment
  during the period of growth/period of
- Supporting the sales channels in order
  to upgrade the distribution efficiency
  for the direct channels
- Conception of associated logistics, the
  transport and warehouse logistics

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