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International marketing and sales consultant

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Getting new clients

Core question (nationally and internationally):
  • Where are the problems of our clients and how would our products help in solving these problems ?

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Individual areas:
  • Testing phase
    - Which products/services do we intend to offer ?
    - Can they be realized technically and economically ?
    - Can we earn money with them ?
  • Growth phase
    - How fast should the business grow ?
    - How do we want to grow vertically or horizontally, or both ?
    - By extending the offer ?
    - New customers ?
    - New geographic areas ?
    - Which financial and personnel-means are needed ?
    - How can we get hold of these means ?
    - How should the new business be organized and managed in order to be successful on relatively short notice ?
  • Integration phase
    - How can we integrate the new business into existing processes ?
    - How can we guarantee continuous growth and profitability (= contribution margin) ?
    - How shall the buisiness be organized and managed in the long run ?

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