Michael Richter
International marketing and sales consultant
Hauptstrasse 27
DE-88422 Seekirch
International marketing and sales consultant

Tel: +49(0)7582-933371
E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

YOUR benefit is MY challenge ...

... so that you are set free to care for the further development of your company with regard to other aspects


* Increase of
   turnover +

* New clients, new
   market seg-
   ments, new
* Securing the
* and future of
   the company

* and company

* New clients,
   new market
   other coun-


* Analysis
- of markets (home +
   foreign), - of market
   segments, - target
, - clients +
   their needs (direct-
   + distribution), - com-
   petition + - sales
   routes, utc.

* Strategic + practi-
   cal implementation
- of the steps needed =
   organisation (in-/ex-
   ternal)- targeting for
   sales (in-/external)
   - control of success


* Increase of profit and thereby reaching the targets (= poten- tial) in a defined mar- ket segment, which is easily (however, generally !) calculated as follows

* Model calculation:
- Number of potential new clients/market segment x average PRESENT profit/client
= Potential of in- crease of profit during the next 1-3 years


YOUR INVESTMENT in marketing activities

* depends exclusive-
   ly on the entrepre-
   neurial risk you
   are prepared to
i. e. how much of the potential profit are you prepared to invest (in advance !) in order to really reach these goals (= every new client has to be 'bought' first ... mail, phone, mailing, ads, visits, exhibitions, etc.) !?
* the cost cannot be

>> Guarantee

My site is relatively comprehensive and gives a lot of hints or ways how to pro- ceed in order to let you know who I am and what I can do for you, with referen- ces, CV, etc. - as I would like to convince not persuade you ! ...

... but not everybody has always time to study ... >> marketing articles

Therefore I offer the possibility - and ask you - to simply give me a call at +49(0)7582-933371.

Marketing consultancy by phone or practical 'hands-on'-support

We can discuss in short e. g.

- what you do so far concerning your marketing,
- where you are working and what could possibly be done in addition
- what the customers expect from you and how you answer this/fulfill their requirements so far,
- which routes do you use so far today and which are possible in addition, especially in Europe
- are the potentials available really exhausted to a maximum

... and many more aspects, what else could be done, etc., so tha I can elaborate my ideas and ofrfers on this basis.

Depending on the market I also elaborate a short - free-of-charge - market research to see which potentials really are available - for YOU.

How can I assist you in reaching YOUR goals -- in Europe or anywhere else ? - please >> mail - or call +49(0)7582-933371 - * Send page to a friend
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